We know how important showcasing branding on your vehicle is, so why wouldn’t you consider the inside of the vehicle to be another branding opportunity? By customising your seat covers with your business logo, you will ensure your customers, clients and staff get the full brand experience from the inside out.

Along with the added advantage and bonus of advertising your brand, your seat covers will be protecting your seats from dirt, grime, stains and wear and tear. Your seats will be in brand new condition when you come to sell or trade your vehicle, ensuring maximum return on your investments.

All of our seat covers are made in Australia and customised to suit the shape and size of your vehicle. No matter the industry, we will have a solution for you!

Why do commercial fleets need seat covers?

Return on Investment

Purchasing or leasing vehicles is a major expense to the business. By using seat covers it will keep the inside of the vehicles clean and in good shape as part of the preventive care maintenance. It will also help ensure you protect your asset to give you a greater return on investment when it comes to selling it or returning the vehicle to lease

Canvas car seat covers -Janders Group

Marketing Opportunity

How your fleet looks to other people is super important. Your company vehicles are essentially an opportunity to advertise your business.

So how do you want to appear to potential customers? By adding seat covers with custom embroidery it will help to promote more of your company’s image and ensure they receive the full branding experience from the inside out.


At this current time, COVID is affecting many of us in the world. You may need to consider that it could be important to clean work vehicles on a more regular basis to ensure you are following your COVID safe plans or clean vehicles if it has been used by someone that has tested positive.

By having seat covers that you can pull out of the vehicle and wash you can ensure the deep clean occurs that removes any dirt, germs or grime.

Seat Wear Durability

When you consider a fleet vehicle can be used multiple times a day, by different people, the wear and tear of seats in the vehicle is imminent. Therefore, to ensure they are kept in pristine condition it is important you add seat covers.

Easy to clean seats

The interiors of a vehicle can get extremely dirty. If you have workers getting in and out of company vehicles covered in dirt, dust, mud etc. then you can assume your seats are getting covered in it too!

For those of you who are in charge of cleaning vehicles, you understand how time-consuming and tough it can be to remove stains that have been exposed to the worksite. Quite often stains are irremovable, therefore lowering the value of the vehicle when it comes to re-sale.

By having seat covers you can protect and preserve the vehicles original seat which will help you when it comes to selling or returning the leased vehicle. It also so much easier to clean as you simply pull the seat cover out of the vehicle to wash and remove stains.

Seat Cover Features

  • Heavy Duty Canvas
  • Available in a range of colours- Charcoal Grey and Black
  • Covers come with a 3 year warranty against material or manufacturing defect
  • Airbag Compatible
  • Double Stitched Seams
  • Independent headrest available
  • Strong and tough quality material

We can customise…

We don’t just specialise in branding your fleet vehicles, we also customise seat covers for trucks, vans, buses, 4WD’s, motorbikes, tractors and machinery.

No job is too big or too small and we can create covers for any shape and size seat.

The Janders Difference

At Janders we do things a little differently. We believe in providing the most exceptional customer service experience. That’s why we have a long list of happy customers, all over Australia, across almost every industry.

As a local Tasmanian business, we pride ourselves on connecting with our customers to really understand your business and work with you to deliver a product that you are happy to showcase.

We ensure all our customers are treated with the utmost respect because, without you, we wouldn’t exist!

What other businesses are saying about our seat covers…

We know our seat covers are great, but hearing what other customers have to say might just help you understand just how amazing our product and service really is! Hear what they have to say below.
“Love Stallion seat covers. Always fast, reliable and made to fit, a pleasure to do business with.”

-Ford Civil

“Retro Traffic have been using Stallion Canvas Seat Covers for the past 3 years. Their product and customer service has been excellent. Stallion Canvas Seat Covers are of the highest quality and the customised embroidery just adds that special touch. Nothing was ever a problem for their team and delivery was superfast.”

-Retro Traffic

“We use Stallion Canvas Seat Covers, they sell a great product. The seat covers are very well made and last a long time. Their service is outstanding, very fast delivery after an order is placed. I highly recommend them.”

-Universal Cranes

We have partnered with a range of businesses to customise vehicle fleets. Some of these include; Retro Traffic, Followmont Transport, John Holland, Ford Civil, Citipower, Powercor Australia, AVIS, Sitex Rentals & Sales, Universal Cranes and so many more!

Our Business Partners

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