Frequently Asked Questions

Can I fit canvas seat covers to vehicles that are fitted with side air bags?

YES! Stallion Canvas Seat Covers have a large range of side fitted air bag compatible seat covers available. Stallion Canvas, Denim, Neoprene & Vinyl Seat Covers are tested and have the official approvals and certifications. This means you are 100% safe with Stallion covers.

We design our seat covers in such a way that they fully protect the seats, but do not affect safety due to the air bag compatibility stitching that is used.

Many other manufacturers of seat covers do not have the compatibility of side fitted seat air bags. This is dangerous if you have these covers on your vehicle, as it is putting the vehicle occupants at risk, and also affects warranty and insurance.

STAY WITH STALLION! The number one seat cover for price, quality, safety and guarantee! We are here to help, Contact Us for more information, or to answer any more questions you have.

What vehicles are canvas seat covers available for?

We have a large number of custom fit patterns available for vehicles. Black Duck SeatCovers and Stallion Seat Covers are also constantly increasing as new vehicles are brought into the market. Just to list some of the makes we have available, include Fiat, Ford, Great Wall, Holden, Hyundai, Isuzu, Land Rover, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Suzuki, Toyota, Volkswagen.

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We also have covers available for ATV’s, Motorbikes & UTV’s including Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Polaris, Can-am, Yamaha, Kymco, Cfmoto, TGB.

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If you are enquiring about truck seat covers, there are many options, so please contact us to discuss your model and year, to ensure we can supply you with the correct covers, or fill out the seat cover product enquiry form.

What colours do the canvas seat covers come in?

The standard colour of the Stallion Canvas Seat Covers is charcoal grey. We do also have black and brown available at no additional cost.

The standard colour in Stallion Denim and Neoprene Seat covers is black, and Stallion Vinyl Seat Covers come in charcoal grey or black.

We do have some requests of having two-tone seat covers. This is an option, contact our team to discuss this with your requirements.

However, if you have a random colour you want, let us know and we’ll do our best to supply you!

How can I wash canvas seat covers?

You can wipe the covers with a wet cloth whilst still fitted to the seats. The other option is to remove the seat covers from the vehicle and hose them down. It is best not to put them in the washing machine or dryer, as they may shrink.

Visit our care and cleaning page in our resource centre, by clicking here.

Are canvas seat covers hard to fit?

NO! Stallion covers are quite simple to fit to your vehicle. We also provide step by step instructions. Click here to view our fitting instructions page in our resource centre.

We also have a fitting instructional video available for your assistance. Click here to view.

If you are having any problems fitting them, you can phone our freecall number: 1800 660 338 and one of our operators will assist you to ensure you have them fitted correctly if you are in doubt.

Are headrest covers included in a set of seat covers?

Yes headrest covers are available, unless specified. These are supplied at no additional charge.

Are canvas seat covers comfortable?

Absolutely! Once fitted to the vehicle and once they’ve been sat on for a short period, you would not know they were there. They do not provide any discomfort at all, and are the best protective seat cover on the market.

Do seat covers come with a warranty / guarantee?

Yes, we offer a 3 year warranty on our covers.

We also provide a satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied for some reason, you can contact us, as we will definitely help you find full satisfaction!

How long does it take for the seat covers to be sent once they have been ordered?

If the seat covers are in stock, we can provide delivery within 1-3 business days (depending on your location).

If the seat covers need to be made, we allow 3-5 business days in Stallion, or 7-14 business days for Black Duck. Australia Post or Fastway are the standard freight companies used.

Where are Stallion Canvas Seat Covers made?

We pride ourselves on the fact that Stallion Canvas Seat Covers are 100% Australian made with Australian canvas.

Can I purchase individual seat covers?

Yes, you can purchase individual seat covers, such as driver seat only. You can also purchase by the row of seats, for example, purchase just row 1, or just row 2, or just row 3.

Why the need for embroidery?

Your vehicles travel around with many people seeing the vehicle interior (even though you may not think this is the case). With embroidery, a more sleek and professional look is produced. Combined with the quality of Stallion Canvas, Denim, Neoprene or Vinyl Seat Covers, your fleet will look smart and represent your brand well, wherever they are.

What sort of material or fabric are Stallion covers made out of?

Stallion Canvas Seat Covers are made from a 12 ounce Australian heavy duty canvas. This is full commercial grade protection. The seat covers are hard wearing, water proof and protect the seats from dirt, grime, grease, liquid, wear and tear.

The 12 ounce canvas is a 525 GSM, woven from blended polyester and cotton yarn. For those that have asked for a tough, and extra tough seat cover for the toughest conditions, this is the product! An Australian coated quality canvas with super strength.

Stallion Denim Seat Covers are a 408 GSM, woven from 100% cotton yarn. This is the softest looking seat cover in our Stallion range.

Stallion Neoprene Seat Covers are made from a 2.4mm quality neoprene.

Stallion Seat Covers – Seriously Tough Protection For Seriously Tough Conditions!

Do canvas seat covers come for all vehicles?

The price for canvas seat covers varies, depending on a number of factors. For the majority of vehicles, you will find prices by clicking: Stallion Canvas Seat Covers.

What are the benefits and advantages of canvas seat covers?

The Stallion Canvas Seat Covers are comfortable. It’s hard wearing, water resistant, non-slip and durable, and yet it won’t stick to your skin like cheap vinyls and plastics.

Stallion Canvas Seat Covers are designed to withstand the extremes of our climate and the harshest treatment you can deliver. Your custom-made Stallion Canvas Seat Covers will resist the effects of heat, dust, mud, dirt, spills and water; and remain largely unaffected by frequent use and neglect.

Stallion Canvas Seat Covers are made tough — to protect and prolong the life of your original car seats. They last a lot longer than traditional seat covers which means Stallion Canvas Seat Covers are a good investment and ideal for all of your family, recreational and work vehicles.

Because Stallion Canvas Seat Covers are custom made for each model, you are guaranteed a snug fit over your original seats.

Our superior designs and exacting attention to detail ensure Stallion Canvas Seat Covers hold their shape.

This means Stallion Canvas Seat Covers are held firmly in place to eliminate uncomfortable and unsightly wrinkling and bunching of fabric.

Stallion Canvas Seat Covers are an attractive alternative to the inferior traditional materials which stretch and fade with use. Stallion Canvas Seat Covers are manufactured with custom patterns and designs, and then snugly fitted to your vehicle to remain firmly in place and resist wear in high-use areas — adding to your long-term enjoyment of your Custom Seat Covers.


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Why are Stallion Canvas Seat Covers better than other seat covers available?

After looking at many other seat covers available, we have found ways to improve the design and overall look of the seat covers.

We have put added canvas in certain sections of the vehicle which means they will last longer than other seat covers that do not have these design.

We have had plenty of feedback from people telling us where their existing seat covers used to wear out first. Once they have tried STALLION’S, we have many people telling us how happy they are and that they do not wear there covers out in those sections anymore.

Do canvas seat covers come for all vehicles?

We are pleased to be able offer canvas seat covers for many commercial vehicles, 4WD’s, SUVs, ATVs, and also we are able to supply some passenger vehicles upon request.

How much are canvas seat covers?

The price for canvas seat covers varies, depending on a number of factors. For the majority of vehicles, you will find prices by clicking: Stallion Canvas Seat Covers.

Can I purchase individual seat covers?

Yes, you can purchase individual seat covers, such as driver seat only. You can also purchase by the row of seats, for example, purchase just row 1, or just row 2, or just row 3.

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