Stallion Canvas Seat Covers contained in this package should not be fitted to vehicles that are fitted with side air-bags in the seats unless they have been specified that they are air bag compatible and are labelled. As the manufacturer and sellers of this product have no control over the end use of the product, to extent allowable by law, the manufacturers and sellers accept no responsibility or liability for any malfunction of the vehicle occupant safety systems, including the seat-fitted side impact airbag system, as a result of fitting non-certified Stallion Canvas Seat Covers to vehicles seats equipped with seat-fitted side impact airbags.



  • Position your seat to allow the most room while you from stage to stage in the fitting process
  • Re-tighten your covers after a few days of use for best results



  • Remove each component from the packaging and lay it out so you can identify all the parts
  • Check you have covers for seat base, back, headrest and armrest (if applicable)
  • The driver side cover has a label for easy identification.



  • Slide base onto the seat ensuring it is clear of all levers and buttons.
  • Push rear flap through between base and back.
  • Pass Velcro straps under the seat being careful not to foul and wires, levers, or moving parts.
  • Pull flaps tight and close the Velcro.
  • Always test the movement of the seat to ensure nothing is caught by a strap.



  • Remove headrest if it is removable.
  • Place cover over top of seat back and slide down
  • Push the flap through to the rear between the back and base of the seat.
  • Replace headrest. The headrest cover may be fitted while off, or while in place. Compress the foam to make sure headrest cover fitment easier.
  • Pull all flaps tight and close the Velcro.