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Howrah Plumbing

Client Background:

Tasmania’s largest plumbing company with almost 80 staff and 50 vehicles on the road across Tasmania,


It’s no surprise that Janders Group was able to offer a solution for their seat protection. Stallion Canvas Seat Covers are a tailor made and fitted seat cover designed to suit the seats of the particular vehicle. They don’t have any time to waste and no time for their seats to be in at the upholsterer getting repaired. With their service guarantee “We’ll be there when you need us and we’ll get the job done right the first time!” their vehicles need to be ready to roar at any time, day or night. With expertise and qualifications in both commercial and industrial plumbing, and offering a wide range of services in the construction, maintenance and waste water fields, there seats could end up with a range of different things on them! Stallion Canvas Seat Covers is a perfect solution for any in this type of industry.