Illustration 1

Shows where the airbag will be released.

PLEASE NOTE: The location shown in illustration 2 is an approximate and may differ from vehicle to vehicle and cover to cover.




Illustration 2

Shows the result of airbag breaking through with a cover fitted. Timing of the airbag release with seat cover fitted is identical to seats without a cover. therefore safety of the occupants has not been compromised






Stalion Seat Covers have been dynamically tested by an approved testing authority and found not to adversely affect the performance of the manufacturer’s seat fitted side airbag and therefore the safety of the vehicle occupants will not be compromised, providing that the seat covers are fitted correctly and in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, and that the seat covers have not been repaired or modified in any way. As the manufacturers and sellers of this product have no control over the end use or the fitment to the vehicle, to the extent allowable by law, the manufacturers and sellers accept no responsibility or liability for any malfunction of the vehicle occupant’s safety systems including the seat mounted side impact airbag system as a direct or indirect result of the incorrect fitment or unauthorised repair or modification to this product.