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How to take correct photos of your seats for identification for seat covers

Janders Group covers a large and diverse range of seat covers, including canvas seat covers, denim seat covers, vinyl seat covers, neoprene seat covers. The major brands available are Stallion Seat Covers and Black Duck® SeatCovers.

At times, some vehicles may have either aftermarket seats, or are not standard for the vehicle brand, make or model. Therefore, in order to supply the correct fitting seat covers, our Production Department may require a photo of the seat.

Below are some quick tips and tricks on how to take a photo so our Production & Patterns Department can identify the correct seat covers to suit;

  • It is always best to take photos in the shade, and out of the direct sunlight
  • Please remove any existing seat covers or parts that are not part of the original seat
  • In view of getting a photo of the full seat, sometimes you will need to take a few steps back from the vehicle and take it through through an open window
  • If there are special features to the seat, such as lumbar adjusters, electronic seat controls, or any other buttons etc, please ensure these are included in the photograph
  • Photos of the compliance plate and/or registration sticker can be helpful for identifying the correct year and/or series

Please email your photos to or phone our sales hotline on 1800 660 338, and a mobile number can be provided for the photos to be sent to via text.

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Examples of sufficient photographs of seats for seat covers:

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