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VIP Services

Client Background:

A company with over 35 years of experience, VIP Services is a company providing home cleaning, commercial cleaning and lawns and gardening services to exceptionally high standards. They have an impression of high standards and quality workmanship.


Being able to supply VIP Services with Stallion Canvas Seat Covers was a great experience as providing a product that would help keep their vehicles in top condition, and help represent their image.



“The service you have given VIP Services is second to none. We have a steady movement of vehicles in our fleet and all our new cars have been getting the seat covers as an investment to protect the interior of the cars. From the time we order to the time we receive the product is in a timely manner, we are not waiting for ever for the product. The ease in which you can clean the covers are great. In our field of work with grass clippings and bits and pieces following us back to the car it is peace of mind knowing that the covers are there to protect your inside of the cars. For anyone that uses their car as a office like we do, or for those who go off track I strongly recommend that you get these covers which is a small investment in something that you spend so much time in. The price of the covers seem a bit dear at first but break it down and see how much they charge to fix your seat or how much you take off when you trade the car in. Final word is it is a great product followed up by a great team, and I hope to do more business with you for many years to come.”

– Mark McKenzie, Master Franchisee (TAS), VIP Services